Following recent work using the human voice as a descriptive and transformative tool, Christine Sullivan and Rob Flint presented an action/event where live description is a substitute for the visual spectacle of the artwork.
In a world where screens increasingly divide our experience between physical presence and mediated absence, this was an experiment with their attention, and the spectators/audience.

Sitting in a synthetically cocooned gallery space watching two different versions of the classic horror movie 'The Thing' on video glasses, the artists described their experience as it took place. Watching the films for the first time, each described their specific movie in parallel and at opposite ends of the space, while the audience moved freely between them, assembling a second-hand narrative from re-told stories separated by three decades.

In a further excessive reiteration, their actions were broadcast by Nottingham-based art collective 'Tether', whose 'Tethervision' project at Nottingham space Primary was a critical collaborative exploration of the relationship between an event and it's documentation.Tether's broadcast of their intervention and documentation of the event is archived via their YouTube channel.